Re: Parse error -98 - Text File & ODBC

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 13 Jun 1997 23:17:54 -0700

Albert Churba wrote:
> I'm lazy and a bad typist. Until ALL of the data entry is complete and
> verified in the SQL database, in terms of the MBR's, I need to use the
> "users" file in conjunction with the ODBC source. The "users" file
> loads fine when used by itself. As soon as I enable the ODBC
> connection with the text file, RadiusNT returns: Parse error -98 for
> user XX. This being the first entry in the "users" file.
> In a previous message thread, I saw a suggestion to check for the TAB
> character. I have checked and all formatting is correct. The funny
> thing is that the "users" file load fine by itself.

> Loading users...
> radius: Parse error -98 for user XX
> 0 users loaded!

My first guess if that your dictionary is not the same for
Emerald as your RadiusNT dictionary file. On the above user, make
sure the attributes are listed in the Emerald dictionary (in
Emerald, Config Radius, Attributes). If the user entry has
the Expiration attribute, you may want to try removing it.

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