Re: Radius.exe Application Error Help !!!!

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 09:40:42 -0700

Darryl Etter wrote:
> I have been using RadiusNT for almost a year now and until now I have not
> had a reason to use the accounting part. But now I do and here is my problem.
> I am have installed radiusnt 1.16.60 and have had it running in text only
> mode without accounting for some time. It is running on a Dual Pent. 133Mhz
> PC. And I have converted the Radius7.mdb to a Office 97 Version. When I
> activated the ODBC for Authentication and Accounting I get an application
> error ( even if I use the radius7.mdb that is still in Office 95 format I
> get the same error)

> 6) Options: 127

You shouldn't have every option checked. Turn all of them off. The
problem is with the manual updates option. This is fixed in RadiusNT

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