Re: ODBC -- Wrong NAS Message

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 10 Jun 1997 21:11:04 -0700

Greg Dobinson wrote:
> When I try to test the radiusnt from a dos window using radlogin test
> testing ( the right entry in the emerald database)
> the following error is returned.
> Radius NT is ready to receive requests!
> radrecv: Request from host cf22683c code=1, id=1, length=0
> NAS-Identifier =
> NAS-Port = 0
> User-Name = "test"
> Password = "\274nz"
> rad_authenticate_ODBC()
> LOG: Calc_digest: from TECHNET, ID 1 : Wrong NAS Address
> rad_auth() calc_digest ret'd error
> LOG: Authenticate: from TECHNET - Security Breach: test
> Radius has been restarted with radius -x15 -o
> I am wondering which NAS Address i should be looking at...

This means that the IP address the request came from (NOT the
same thing as the NAS-Identifier Attribute) is not listed in
the Servers table. Therefore the request is unauthorized.

Deciphering cf22683c with the majic decoder ring is, which is the IP address you are running
radlogin on. Remember, radlogin is viewed by RadiusNT as
just another client. You *MUST* set it up in the clients
file or servers table (depending on the mode) to allow this
to work.

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