RadiusNT and SQL authentication.

Tue, 10 Jun 1997 08:45:26 +1000

Hi, just wondering if anyone else has had problems authenicating via
Access or SQL when using RadiusNT. I am unable to get Radius to
authenticate when using the provided Access or SQL database.

When debugging at the command prompt I get:

D:\radius>radius -x15

RadiusNT 1.16.60 2/7/97 Copyright (c) 1996 IEA Software, Inc.
All Rights Reserved, Worldwide

Some portions Copyright (c) 1992 Livingston Enterprises, Inc.
and Copyright (c) 1995 Ascend Communications, Inc.

0) EncryptPasswords: 0
1) IgnoreCase: 1
2) ReqAcctAuth: 1
3) Mode: 1
4) Options: 0
5) Debug: 15
6) ODBCDatasource: Radius
7) DataDirectory: d:\radius
8) AcctDirectory: d:\radius\acct
9) UsersFile: Users
10) Username:
11) Password:

Param: Debug Level: 15
Initializing Winsock...
ODBC Datasource: 'Radius'...
Allocating ODBC Henv...
Allocating ODBC Connect...
Making ODBC Connection...
Allocating Statement...

SQL Statement: Select Name, RadAttributeID, Type From RadAttributes

SQL Statement: Select ra.Name, rv.Name, rv.Value From RadValues rv,
es ra Where rv.RadAttributeID =3D ra.RadAttributeId

Allocating Statement...

SQL Statement: Select Server, IPAddress, Secret From Servers

Allocating Statement...
Accounting Column 0: 'NASIdentifier'
Accounting Column 1: 'NASPort'
Accounting Column 2: 'AcctSessionID'
Accounting Column 3: 'AcctStatusType'
Accounting Column 4: 'CallDate'
Accounting Column 5: 'UserName'
Accounting Column 6: 'AcctAuthentic'
Accounting Column 7: 'UserService'
Accounting Column 8: 'LoginService'
Accounting Column 9: 'LoginHost'
Accounting Column 10: 'AcctDelayTime'
Accounting Column 11: 'AcctSessionTime'
Accounting Column 12: 'FramedProtocol'
Accounting Column 13: 'FramedAddress'
Accounting Column 14: 'AcctInputOctets'
Accounting Column 15: 'AcctOutputOctets'
Accounting Column 16: 'AcctTerminateCause'
Accounting Column 17: 'NASPortType'
Accounting Column 18: 'NASPortDNIS'

Radius NT is ready to receive requests!
radrecv: Request from host cb0b7c82 code=3D1, id=3D168, length=3D90
User-Name =3D "test"
Challenge-Response =3D
NAS-Identifier =3D
NAS-Port =3D 20301
NAS-Port-Type =3D Async
User-Service =3D Framed-User
Framed-Protocol =3D PPP
State =3D ""
Acct-Session-Id =3D "233745724"
Challenge-Response =3D
Decrypted Password:{=FBX=E5=DA=E1?&=FF =C6&?=A6=20
Allocating Statement...

SQL Statement: Select DateAdd(Day, ma.extension, maExpireDate),
DateAdd(Day, sa.extension, saExpireDate), sa.AccountID, sa.AccountType,
sa.Password, sa.Login,sa.Shell From MasterAccounts ma, SubAccounts sa
Where (sa.Login=3D'test' or sa.Shell=3D'test') AND
ma.CustomerID=3Dsa.CustomerID and sa.Active<>0 and ma.Active<>0

Freeing SQL Statement...
LOG: User: test Not found

User: test Not found
Sending Reject of id 168 to cb0b7c82 (jupiter)

When I run this though iSQL_w I get:

31 Dec 1999 16:27,31 Dec 1999 0:00,7,PPP,deadox,test,test=20

Anyone had the same problems? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

thanks and regards,

Judith Durham