RE: access 97 error radiusnt v60

Hershcopf, Jason ( (no email) )
Mon, 9 Jun 1997 14:47:58 -0400

Try going into Access 97 and open up your database. Under tables select
Design Calls. Make the 1st five fields the primary key (NASIdentifier,
NASPort, AcctSessionId, AcctStatusType, CallDate). Save the changes and
you should be fine.


>From: Mike[]
>Sent: Monday, June 09, 1997 2:42 PM
>Subject: access 97 error radiusnt v60
>To any one:
>I'm attempting to setup RadiusNT v1.16.60 using Access 97.
>Below is the sql stmt and the error I'm getting.
> SQL Statement: INSERT INTO Calls
>) VA
>LUES (Now(),1,'00001D4FAD',2,'mike',1,0,2,1,'')
>ODBC: SQLExecDirect Error:
> [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access 97 Driver] Index or primary key
> a Null value.
>From what I can determine the field NASIdentifier is part of the
>key of the calls table but the value is not being supplied by the sql
>insert statement.
>Mike K
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