Re: Computone, RadiusNT, Emerald...Computone keeps locking up????

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Thu, 05 Jun 97 16:51:15 -0500

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Hi Mike,

> For some reason my computone is mysteriously locking up. I think its
Radius any
> ideas???

This is a problem that many Power Rack users seem to encounter. I too had
many problems with lockups until I was alerted to a few problems in my
configuration....none of which have anything to do with Radius.

BTW, there is a Computone mailing list hosted by that you might
want to join. I can't remember how to join it. Maybe somebody on the list
can help.

Anyway, make sure that you have your modems set with an init string that
includes 'E0' (disable echo of commands on modem) and 'Q1' (do not return
result codes). If you don't set these, your modems will send all kinds of
junk back into the Power Rack and it will cause no end of trouble.

The next thing to check is to make sure that you don't have the Power Rack's
console port set to the same as a dial up port. I have my console shut off
and have errors going through a syslogger.

Another possibility is that the OS may be corrupted. Before I put mine into
service, I had loaded three different versions of the operating system. I
think somewhere along the way that messed it up. I saved the NVRAM settings
and then forced it back into default settings. After that I reloaded the OS
version I wanted and the reloaded the NVRAM settings.

After doing all of the above, my rack has been running flawlessly.

Hope it helps,