Incomplete load of web page
Tue, 3 Jun 1997 23:46:58 +0000

Hi Folks!

Wondering if anyone has some words of wisdom on a problem I am having
with NT IIS 3.0 (service pack 3).

Some users have reported that when accessing our web site from the
outside world (i.e. not dial in users to our site, but users from
other isp's) they have a problem with our home page loading. It will
load and load andload and .... until you get so board you click on
stop and then most of the page appears.

I have tried to pin down a common thread but the only one seems to be
our server. It happens to Mac's & pc's and netscape & IE. But not to
every one.

Any ideas?

Andrew Barton
RedShift Information Technology Inc. Computer Sales & Networking
Golden, British Columbia, Canada Internet Service Provider