Analog VS Digital calls

Bob Dozier ( )
Sat, 31 May 1997 23:49:49 -0700

I am still attempting to restrict ISDN calls for Analog accounts using
MAX 4000's with 5.0Ap4, RadiusNT 1.16.49 and a user file profile (which does
not restrict ISDN) as follows:

userid Password = "secret"
User-Service = Framed-User,
NAS-Port-Type = Async,
Framed-Protocol = PPP,
Framed-Routing = None,
Ascend-Assign-IP-Pool = 1,
Ascend-Idle-Limit = 1800

I have tried this in the profile also:

Ascend-Data-Svc = Switched-Voice-Bearer

Could anyone who successfully done this provide a clue? Thanks
in advance.

....Bob Dozier