Re: Users not showing up in Emeralds "Calls Online"

Ted Olson ( )
Sat, 31 May 1997 11:01:59 -0700

Even as we speak we've been getting ready to migrate our Win3x users from
Trumpet to the MS/Shiva dialer, since testing shows that it works so
transparently with our variety of NASes. We're still using RadiusNT in
text-only mode, been planning to get authenticating working smoothly for
all combinations of OS platform + NAS, then switch over to ODBC mode, then
on to Emerald (sort of still heading up the yellow brick road). I'd sure
like to know now if there's a confirmed compatibility issue with the Shiva


At 01:52 PM 5/31/97 -0400, you wrote:
>The Win 3.1 users are using a Trumpet winsock to dail-up. However I
>have run into the same problem with Microsoft's dialer made by Shiva. It
>seems Emerald can't see them. When you look at who's online it does not
>show any 3.1 users.
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