Re: RadiusNT using SAM

Jeffrey Betts ( (no email) )
Thu, 29 May 1997 19:03:34 -0700

Sounds like there is going to be a lot of new
usefull options in the future can't wait to
see them

From: Dale E. Reed Jr. <>
Date: Thursday, May 29, 1997 10:43 AM
Subject: Re: RadiusNT using SAM

>Jeffrey Betts wrote:
>> Then would using the SAM be better because you
>> could track log ons in the event viewer and see if
>> there are failed attemps to log on by a hacker ?
>No. Check out the end of the docs file for RadiusNT 2.2.
>All failed attempts, including password tried, etc, and now
>logged into the RadLogs table. This makes its WAY to easy to
>run a daily report and find out whos having problems. Emerald
>will soon have the ability to view it, and also show that on
>a new tab for the service (like timeon).
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