.60 Not Updating on-line table

John Lange ( (no email) )
Thu, 29 May 1997 01:32:23 -0500

HI Dale & All

Thanks in Advance for any info regarding this issue.

I just installed RadiusNT x.60 on my SQL Server, running it from the
command line as Radius.exe -x15 -o or -b, and it is not updating the users
on-line in Emerald. So if the user logs in from the primary auth. (x.49)
and logs out when the primary is offline, and try to log in again, radius
says found on-line 1 time. If user logs on with secondary (the .60
version) they are not displayed in the on-line tab of Emerald.

Everything works GREAT with the primary (x.49) and used to when secondary
ran x.49. I believe everything is setup ok in the RadiusNT Admin (I have
been wrong from time to time).

At this point all I can say is thanks & Heeeeelp.

JOhn :}

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