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I am a sys admin of a publishing company that also runs a newspaper and
graphics shop among other things.

we have 4 NT servers, 30 PCs and 4 Macs

They all run TCPIP and all machines store software on local drives and data
on servers, two servers house Microsoft UAM volumes which I believe is
natively Mac and then translated for the PCs (could be wrong) we have found
problems accessing files on same UAM volume with Macs with different OSes.
i.e. a Mac running Word 6 on 7.62os and similar Mac with 7.6 seem to cause
we can chat more in email if you like.....

Franco Nogarin
System Administrator
The Aurora Network

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We are a rather large newspaper, and we are ditching our Novell Network
and going to NT Server and planning to run NT Workstation on all other
machines. We do have some Mac machines that will be on the network using
TCP/IP. My boss is wanting to bring in a seperate Apple Server to service
just the Mac machines..

My question(s) are:

1) How well does NT talk with MACS on TCP/IP?

2) Does MAC write in its native file system or is it translated to
the NT naming sequence?

3) What kinda hardware and system resources do I need to expect for
13 graphically intense workstations?

Thanks in advance. With all the problems with the List.. Please email me
your responses directly. I have to make a decision by the end of the week.
(Tomorrow Night)

Thanks again
Jason Arms
Assistant Systems Manager
NWF Daily News
(Freedom Corporation)

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