Re: Cold Fusion vs. MS Visual InterDev

Matthew James Gering ( (no email) )
Tue, 29 Jul 1997 15:41:44 -0700

No, Microsoft has Active Server Pages (ASP). Visual InterDev is just ties
Active Server Page /development/ into Microsoft Visual Studio (which
includes MSVC, J++, etc. VB is included but won't be part of the common
interface until version 6).

As far as visual development environments, I'm so used to programming
HTML/ASP "in the buff" -- i.e. with notepad and i/sql, that I've really not
used InterDev much -- although the VisualStudio text editor does some nice
color coding.

See my other post regarding ASP.


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From: Traig Zeigler <>

Doesn't Microsoft's Visual InterDev do the same things Cold Fusion does? If
not, how are they different? If so, how do they compare as far as strength,
usability, learning curve, etc.?