A Chance for you to affect change on future versions of Windows N

Louis Kahn ( louisk@microsoft.com )
Tue, 29 Jul 1997 11:41:42 -0700

I am looking for feedback from ISPs that use Windows NT Server to run
their business to provide feedback about features you don't like,
features that are missing, and other things that make Windows NT Server
hard to use to run an ISP. Any problems that prevent you from using NT
or make NT hard to use is what I'm looking for.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not tech support so PLEASE do not email me technical
questions about NT (I won't be able to answer them, I don't have time).

Please email me your comments directly to my email address

This is your chance to provide feedback directly into future versions of
Windows NT.



--Louis KahnProgram ManagerPersonal and Business SystemsMicrosoft