Cold Fusion vs. Active Server Pages...

Gregory W. Bondy ( (no email) )
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 21:54:36 -0500


I have yet another in my constant stream of Cold Fusion Questions. :)

Someone recently suggested to me that Micro$oft's Active Server Pages
(ASP) component of IIS 3.0+ serves the same functionality without any
additional cost. I've tried to track down information on ASP on the den of
iniquity that Microsoft calls a web page; but i've only gotten a couple of
paragraphs which can be more or less summed up in the words "It's cool, use

The question is... DOES ASP have the same functionality as Cold Fusion?
Partially? Which should we invest money and development time in? Are
there compatibility problems between browsers? Operating systems?

Oops. That was more than one question. :) Thanks in advance for any
suggestions or comments.