Re: Unauthorized use of SMTP Server

Kevin Miller ( (no email) )
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 18:15:02 -0400

>> Ric, I agree that this would be nice but it's extremely difficult to do
> with things like SMTP which was were never designed for this. What we
> are some really smart new RFCs to define a rigorous anti-spam protocol.
While that would be paradise, it would only really solve one part of the
puzzle. Obviously lots of machines were/are being used to relay SPAM and
the use of user/pass combinations on a [new]SMTP spec would stop the
relaying. However, some of these spammers have tons of bandwidth to send
outgoing SPAM. Once it reaches your server addressed to you, there is no
reason not to accept it. You can filter based on domains/IPs, but there is
always room for someone new to come in and bounce out a bunch. If you
establish a national "spam-IP list", who decides the people on the list?

I think the ultimate solution is to lobby the upstreams to cut off people
who have a history of SPAMming. Beyond that, what can be done? You could
implement a method of tracking messages so that, if SPAM was discovered,
the messages could be killed before reaching end users.

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