RE: IIS and Virtual FTP

Kevin D. Allen ( (no email) )
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 08:57:11 -0700

I use WFTPD - and love it.
I alias to the main IP address of the machine that the webserver is on.
WFTPD allows you to enter users with passwords and have limit them to what directory they log onto based on username/password.

New version (Which I haven't installed yet) WFTPD PRO allows virtual domains, I believe.


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>We are just starting to host virtual domains and I have a question for all
>you IIS pros out there. How do we create a Virtual FTP site for our
>clients? Right now if you surf to, it brings up our
>FTP site. Is there a way to create an FTP site for each virtual so that
>when you type in it takes them to their personal

Get Serv-U v2.2 from that site.

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