Re: MAX 4000 56Flex upgrade problems

Lloyd Brunt ( )
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 11:36:47 +0100

At 02:28 am 25/07/97 -0000, you wrote:
>I just got my 56k Flex modems today. No time like the
>present. I slapped them in and did a field upgrade to
>5.Ap16 (tk.m40). Everything came up looking good on the
>Max telnet session, but, when I dial in using a Philips
>EasyConnect 56k Flex modem I consistently get 24,600 or
>28,800 baud rates, just like a 28.8 modem, according to the
>Dial-up Networking Monitor. I am dialing in through a NT40
>server into my NAS.
>I know several of you have gone through the same upgrade
>and testing I am doing right know. My eyes are getting
>heavy and I don't know where to begin to look.
>Can someone please pass on a few pointers to me.
>BTW...If it is the Philips modem in question, I also have
>Hayes, Supra, Motorola, and Zoom 56K Flex modems I can use
>to dial in with.
>Really need some help here!
Mark, I think you have to take this with a 'pinch of salt'. My DUN monitor
reports a line bps of 115,200 and although I'm using ISDN it ain't that
quick! It's just reporting the serial port speed.

-Regards, Lloyd

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