Re: MAX 4000 56Flex upgrade problems

Alex Assali ( (no email) )
Sat, 26 Jul 1997 00:56:07 -0400

We went through the same thing. When you have this symptoms your problem
can be one of two things:
1)The MAX and ascend units use Rockwell revision 1.0 on their units with
tk.m40 Ap16. The Ap13 software use the older revision(beta). Accordingly,
you have to make 100% sure that you are using the Rockwell revision 1.0
on the modem you are trying to connect to the MAX. All 56KFlex modems
like, Hayes, Motorola, Supra, Zoom...are shipped with the older revision
5.0 . Go to the website of your modem manufacturer and get the recent
that supports Rockwell revision 1.0. Moreover, be carefull to use (and
your customers to use) a RAM based modem(Motorola) and not the ROM based
modem(Hayes). The technology has not been perfected yet and you need to
updating with the new driver. Beta testing proved that the Motorola
has the best performance with the MAX units. Our win95 customers connect at
speeds 52K, 48K, and 46K. These are the speeds that you should see and you
will feel the speed difference from the 33.6. It is just like the 64K ISDN
line and
not like a someone mentioned to you (welcome to the 56K world...). He needs
a lot of catch up to do. Also, beta testing proved that Hayes Accura has
the worst
performance among all the modems(40k) so stay away from it.

2) The quality of the line you are using is really really important. You
have to
make sure that you have a pristine line condition. It does not matter to
much for
the 33.6 but it does for the 56K because of the analog loop. Try different
and different circuits to your MAX. You will be amazed how different routes
your MAX produce different connection speeds(from 40K to 52K!!!!).

Hope this is helpfull


From: BA <>
Subject: Re: MAX 4000 56Flex upgrade problems
Date: Saturday, July 26, 1997 1:38 PM

You want to check and see what speed you have the modems set for in the
Max....if that is right....

Welcome to the world of 56K......if you connected at 26,4 before the
upgrade you will connect at 26,4 now regardless of what modem you have.


On Fri, 25 Jul 1997 02:28:42 -0000, Mark A. Knight so eloquently wrote:

>I just got my 56k Flex modems today. No time like the
>present. I slapped them in and did a field upgrade to
>5.Ap16 (tk.m40). Everything came up looking good on the
>Max telnet session, but, when I dial in using a Philips
>EasyConnect 56k Flex modem I consistently get 24,600 or
>28,800 baud rates, just like a 28.8 modem, according to the
>Dial-up Networking Monitor. I am dialing in through a NT40
>server into my NAS.
>I know several of you have gone through the same upgrade
>and testing I am doing right know. My eyes are getting
>heavy and I don't know where to begin to look.
>Can someone please pass on a few pointers to me.
>BTW...If it is the Philips modem in question, I also have
>Hayes, Supra, Motorola, and Zoom 56K Flex modems I can use
>to dial in with.
>Really need some help here!
>Mark A. Knight
>PC, Express, Inc
>(602) 516-982
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