Re: ISP tools?

Chilton Webb ( )
Sat, 26 Jul 97 17:12:38 -0600

>Hi, I just have a question about tools that ISPs use a lot , scripts,
>little gadgets and similar stuff, Is there a web site that would help me
>locate that, besides the ISP FAQ which I already read. Is anyone willing
>to compile such a list with listings with me, if it doesn't exist?
>I notice that bunch of people ask for that, like; web stats, script for
>various things, etc..
>If anyone would like to help me with such a site, send me a line
>Kris Kedzierski
Hi Kris, we'd be glad to help with the construction and hosting of such a
site, if you're really serious about this.

-Chilton Webb
TRAG Media