broadcast robot 1.0 beta 1

Howie Hamlin ( )
Sat, 26 Jul 1997 11:44:22 -0400

We have completed version 1.0 beta 1 of our broadcast robot.

This is an executable "robot" for NTMail that allows postmasters and
priveledged users to broadcast emails to all users in a specified domain (or
all local domains).

This is the first "wide" beta of the software. This beta will expire after
August 31, 1997.
It is a fully functional copy of the software.


- Broadcast an email to an entire domain (currently only users stored in the
NTMail registry will
be sent mail)

- Ability to broadcast to all local domains

- Password protected. The first line of an email sent to the robot must be
the password.
The password is case sensitive.

- Occupies a single SMTP thread on the NTMail server during broadcast

- Log file

- Broadcasts only to POP, FORWARD, or FAX accounts (FORWARDED and FAX
accounts can be disabled)

We will be adding the ability to send mail to users on domains that use the
WIN/NT user database in the near future.

Please forward all questions/comments to me.

If interested you can get it at

Howie Hamlin
phone: (516)737-4668x101
fax: (516)737-9539