Netscape Mail Server Problems

Greg White ( )
Fri, 25 Jul 1997 09:57:48 -0700

Hello. I had asked once before about this problem, but didn't receive any

We are running Netscape Mail Server 2.02 on a PPro 150 w/128 MB of RAM.
When somebody opens an IMAP session, CPU usage climbs to 100%. The only
way to remedy this is to stop and restart the entire Netscape Mail Server
service, or in extreme situations (such as today) reboot the entire server.

Does anybody know of:

1) A fix for the mail server that prevents this from happening.
2) A way to disable the IMAP portion of the server (only 2 out of 1500
clients even use IMAP).
3) A potential problem with our system that could be causing this.

Thank you,

Greg White
Direct NET Communications