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Wed, 23 Jul 1997 09:47:06 -0400

From: nate zelnick <>
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Subject: RE: Fact or Fiction? Re: Anyone else hear of this?
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 19:23:41 -0400
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They are the fast find indices used by Office97 to keep track of documents
as you create them-allows you to search your hard drive faster.

While that rumor is untrue, the one about how using the Microsoft Natural
keyboard causes slow erosion of free will is true. <grin>.

At 2:32 AM +0000 7/23/97, Petar Nikolich wrote:
>You MUST be joking. Sounds like an Urban Legend!
>Quick! Lets get some chain letters going about this ;-)
>From: jason <>
>To: NTISP <>
>Subject: Anyone else hear of this?
>Date: Tuesday, July 22, 1997 9:58 PM
>If you hadn't heard already, Microsoft has a new feature in Office 97 and
>possibly IE 3.02 as well.
>These .dll's inventory your harddrive and pass the info on to Microsoft
>anytime you connect to (possibly other times as well). This
>info not only contains your hard drive contents, but also a full dump of
>all your cookies, so MS knows where you surf.
>For those among you who are skeptical, be aware that MS tried this same
>stunt just as WIN95 was being beta'd. I read a magazine article in PC
>World about this little "FEATURE". Due to some negative press, MS decided
>to pull that "feature", but it appears that it has made it back in, quietly
>this time.
>The following .dll's have NO purpose except to spy on you and your
>business. Deleting them has no impact on the functioning of your pc
>whatsoever. If you're paranoid, just rename them to something else.
>The preceeding was snipped out of an email I got from an NT admin that I
>know, he is usually on top of things. Anyone else hear of this????
>Jason Roblyer
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