Re: DNS woes

Philip de Lisle ( )
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 11:30:53 +0100

At 20:18 21/07/97 +1000, Dan Waldron wrote:
>I am running Software.Com's BIND for NT 4.9.5 as a "Caching Only" Server -
>it's been going great for months without a hitch. The reason why I picked
>it was because I knew nothign about DNS except that an IP matches a name :)
>I'd dearly like to configure it to manage my own domain, but where do I
>start? I'd appreciate any help from you guys/gals as towhat I'm supposed to
>do to manage this domain. I also host (through my ISP) 3 other domains
>which would be handy to control.

1. Get the proper freeware port of BIND rather than the one.
The current version is 4.9.6 and is available from

2. Buy the O'Reilly book "DNS & Bind" 2nd Edition by Ablitz & Liu. Unless
you are a masochist, I'd advise you not to bother with the BOG.WRI file
which comes with the binaries - I didn't understand a word of it when I
first started.

3. A naughty: get a copy of the 14 day eval version of MetaInfo's BIND.
Then use it's great web interface to configure your domain(s). This will
output files which the BIND can use. This should be used as a teaching tool
only - once you have your basic set of files, the BIND book will make a lot
more sense and you can then edit/add to these files using a normal text

Note, I believe that MetaInfo are now doing a proprietory version of BIND
so option 3 may no longer fly.



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