A slight off topic request

Fulton Preston ( preston@eagle1.eaglenet.com )
Fri, 18 Jul 1997 03:29:37 -0400

This is a bit off topic, but I currently have a unix server (gasp!) as one
of my servers for email. I am looking to upgrade it's POP3 process but am
having no luck finding one. The server in question is a NeXT (gasp!)
server. Just finding a Unix POP server would be enough as I can probably
wedge it into the system. Anyone know of any sources for good POP3 servers
for Unix?

Thanks in advance!

Fulton Preston
Eaglenet, Inc.

PS: I apologize in advance for my reckless use of a four letter word in
this NT list (Un*x) Please, no flames about NT being better, I know it,
just don't look forward to converting 1500+ users to NT anytime soon.