smtp logs making like bunnies...

Sam Akhtar ( (no email) )
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 11:22:10 -0400

Our SMTP logs have started wieghing in at three times the size they
were previously. Looking at the logs shows repeated attempts by our
news server to send something to and the lookup failing
(appropriately, since we have that name pointing to our webserver). I
looked at our news server (MS's) and the only place I could find that
name was under "Default Domain for Moderated Listings." So now, maybe
it's a news question where someone is trying to post to a moderated
group via the mail server? Or should that be set to the news server?
We've switched it over to blank and are trying to figure out just what
exactly it should be, or if our Mail server somehow has to be tweaked.

Any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks greatly in advance...

Sam R. Akhtar Operations & Engineering
IBIS, Inc. FrontPage, ASP, Java and more!
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