WFTPD seems to lock files

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Tue, 15 Jul 97 09:46:41 -0500

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Hi everyone,

I seem to be having some problems on my web/FTP server. I'm desperate for
help. I'm running IIS 3.0 and WFTP on the same machine. Quite often when
trying to transfer files over to the web server (via FTP), I get the error
message "550 SHARE.EXE not loaded or file (region) locked by another
process". I have checked the permissions, and even set them so EVERYONE,
ADMINISTRATOR,IUSR_computer, etc... have (ALL)(ALL).

I've done a "netstat" on the web machine and noticed that it seems to hold a
connection ESTABLISHED for the whole time a web browser is viewing a page.
I didn't realize it did this. I thought it would make a connection,
transfer the page and then close the connection. Could this be the problem.
Somebody viewing the page and then not being able to FTP data over because
the file is locked?
I'd appreciate any help or advice.