Re: shared cd rom?

James Corey ( )
Tue, 15 Jul 1997 07:22:04 -0400

I own, but haven't used yet, a copy of Virtual CD-ROM by Logicraft that
creates a logical drive on a HD from a CD. There's a version now for NT, see

At 22:46 07/14/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I see a lot of interest about sharing or getting access to CD-ROM
>I see some people go out and buy a 6 disk changer or something
>for easily the price of 600-800 bux or buy muliple CD-ROM drives and
>them virtually unused most of the time.
>-What for?
>I have seen a solution somewhere on the internet where a program creates
>virtual CD-ROM drives for share or whatever, YOU name it. All you have
>do is designate a place on a hard drive where to put the CD mirror file
>it will create a letter for each mirror. And then you do whatever you
>with it as if it was a CD-ROM. Pretty kewl! I tried it a while back and
>it kicks ASS!
>-What is this thing? I don't remember. If this would save serious money
>some of you or make CD-ROM data access quicker and therefore make
>trafic better or more efficient, whatever the reason is, let me know. I
>will take the time to look at my archives to find this program for
>you and direct you to where you can aquire it and purchase it.
>It seems like the solution for some of you who only use CDs every once
>a blue moon, or use the same CD everywhere (hopefully everyone at once.)
>matthew wrote:
>> we're getting tired of having cd-rom drives in all of our servers just so
>> we can install nt server and occasionally add a driver.
>> is there an easy way to share a network cd-rom drive amongst all of my nt
>> servers??
>> matthew
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