MS Proxy Server

Jason Hess ( )
Mon, 14 Jul 1997 15:11:29 -0500

I am sorry to post 2 questions in one day, but we are running
into one big problem.
Here is the scenario: We have got Godzilla the NT machine running 4.0
with 128MB of RAM that needs to have the following:
- 2 token ring network cards IPX/SPX
- Microsoft Proxy Server installed and working with support for
Macintosh and 3.1 clients
- A "cyber nanny" program that works with Proxy Server.

Currently, (since we don't have a local token ring network), we
have two ethernet cards in the machine. Proxy Server is installed and
working fine for '95 clients. We are having problems with our 3.1
machines. Can 3.1 machines even use Proxy??? If so, what TCP/IP stack do
I use to connect to the NT machine through DOS? The Proxy Software that
is supposed to be loaded onto the client's machine is trying to use
"NET USE" which doesn't exist on a 3.1 machine (we are using Trumpet
Winsock currently).
Next Proxy Server going to work with the IPX/SPX Novell
network that the customer has at their site (huge school by the way)?
And finally, does anyone know a good "cyber babysitter" software
that works well with Proxy Server?
I would really appreciate any help we can get it. Right now I
am REALLY stuck (and it's not even really on NT stuff :) )
Jason Hess
CIOE Corporation