Re: Need Software Advice

Jose Carlos da Silva ( (no email) )
Sun, 13 Jul 1997 19:46:57 -0300


In 13 Jul 97 at 13:59, you wrote:

> Is IMailT Server for Windows NT form IPSwitch a quality product. Any
> comments on it would be appreciated. Or is there a better mail server
> program out there by far?

I cannot talk about IMail, since I have no experience with it. I am
using EMWAC IMS Server since February. It works very nice with no
problems at all. It is easy to install and to mantain, it uses the
Windows/NT user database, security and login functions and it has an
open architeture which allows you to add some additional options,
like the SPAM Filter and the Multihoming aliases plugin.

I think that you should at least experiment it. It is a very good
program and the price is the best: freeware.

You can get it in

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