Re: Dedicated 56k Line

Gregory W. Bondy ( (no email) )
Sun, 13 Jul 1997 13:15:18 -0500


Three on my staff are MSCE's, so it would seem doubtful.
But, anything's possible. It depends on what you classify as
a _real_ proxy server. M$ is NOT, by definition, a _real_ proxy
server. It does not support the RFC in regards to upstream
shared proxy(s), among other things.

It's really an issue of using the best tool for the job. Sure,
you can use a pipe wrench to smack in a nail, but wouldn't
a hammer work better? :)

Our system uses a mix of un*x and NT machines, using the strengths
and avoiding the weaknesses of both platforms. For anyone to blindly
stumble ahead following Mr. Gates is both mistaken and very, very

Just my two cents.

At 06:11 AM 7/13/97 -0600, you wrote:
>> You want a real proxy server, use a un*x box. You wanna have
>> minor "proxy-esque" functionality, use Wingate. You wanna
>> tear your hair out trying to get something to work the way
>> it's described, use Micro$oft Proxy Server.
>Everyone got their hip waders on? MS PROXY server was easy to set
>up....has worked flawlessly and without fail for months now. Don't get me
>wrong...Unix is fine, but sounds like your MS experience was uhmmm....
>Operator error maybe? :-)
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