Re: Dedicated 56k Line

Don Lloyd Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 13 Jul 1997 07:31:31 -0700

>> You want a real proxy server, use a un*x box. You wanna have
>> minor "proxy-esque" functionality, use Wingate. You wanna
>> tear your hair out trying to get something to work the way
>> it's described, use Micro$oft Proxy Server.
>Everyone got their hip waders on? MS PROXY server was easy to set
>up....has worked flawlessly and without fail for months now. Don't get me
>wrong...Unix is fine, but sounds like your MS experience was uhmmm....
>Operator error maybe? :-)

The concept of "luck" comes to mind.

I've had plenty of experience with both versions of it. MS Proxy has
welcomed me with open arms and I got "lucky" once. Sometime later, when
installing it for another client, I was spurned for quite a while.