Re: Single IP, multiple domains

Adam Dillaplain ( )
Fri, 11 Jul 1997 09:58:04 -0500

> I think, for me anyway, that multihosting on a single IP is a way to cater
> to "smaller" users. What I mean is, I have a full class C and I use IP's
> for workstations, servers (mail, ftp, webservers, etc.). Now, since I only
> have 254 IPs to use, I need to charge a higher rate than the "other guys"
> that charge $25.00 per month for "".
Why not just SWIP some more with your backbone provider? We just come up
with some BS excuse and SAVVIS ships us as many as we want. We have about
9 right now.

Are you using a tier 2 provider? If not, you might want to have a chat
with your sales rep about new C's.


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