RadiusNT, Computone and Authenticate

Howard A. Brooks ( (no email) )
Thu, 10 Jul 1997 22:51:37 -0400

Hello All:

After pouring over the Computone manual many, many times, highlighting
like back in college, rechecking and rechecking all connections for
the past two days I just have to ask.

But first, our MicroCom ISPort connects to zero port on the
IntelliServer ( NAS to RadiusNT.60 on NT4.0 with SP3
( on the Primary server. Secrets set in both that match.
RadiusNT is running (radius.exe -install), the -x15 debug command
indicates three users are established and await login. Users setup in
the IntelliServer 151 and the USER file in C:\radius. Running DUN
dial-in from a Win95 machine being certain to use the same user name and
password with the (Primary Server) I get danada. M$ DNS is
running and working on our small Intranet. Dynamic hosting is running
and a block of C numbers have been set aside. It's as if something is

I login fine, but why no authentication? The Win95 dials-in fine but
simply returns message to check my log-in parameters while the Primary
server (set in the debug mode) does nothing.

Can someone please help? What have I missed?

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