Re: WNT 4.0 OS/2 Sound Card etc. set up

Darius Fan ( )
Thu, 10 Jul 1997 09:14:33 -0700

Have you tried slotting it to another slot and see if this happen
throughout? If it does... I think that there might be some flaw with the
sound card's hardware... contact your vendor and seek their service...

Pacific Internet (Asia Network TPE1) wrote:
> I have Windows NT server 4.0
> PS 2 type mouse on board and I want to install a sound card.
> The sound card has an ess es 1886 driver NT 4.0
> but once I plug the sound card into the Slot (it is not a pci card) then my
> mouse freezes.
> I can't instal the sound card because no mouse.
> The PS 2 IRQ is 12 (standard) it should not interfere with the sound card.
> any suggestions are very welcomed
> bets regards
> Bernhard
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