Re: IIS Crashing.....

Mike Mazurek ( )
Wed, 09 Jul 1997 12:46:58 -0400

We do not see a whole lot of traffic through the site probably
approximately 3000 different users through out the day (all of the
domains we host)....

Phil Thomas wrote:

> Mike,
> We are experiencing the same problem with our dual Pentium pro
> 200,
> at unpredictable times IIS server just stops working even though the
> service is still running. Sometimes you can stop and restart the
> services but a majority of the time the only solution to this is just
> to report the server. How much traffic are you see through your box?
> Phil
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> Subject: IIS Crashing.....
> I am currently running the following configuration on my web server..
> Dual Pentium 166 64 megs of RAM. Windows NT 4.0 Server.. Service Pack
> 3. IIS 3.0, IIS-patch, ASP, asp-patch, Frontpage97 extensions..
> statistic program. Webboard from Oriely and Associates. IBT author
> from stnaford testing. Enough about the config...
> About a week ago the server began to "crash" at random time. I can
> not
> seem to find anything in any of the log files.. All the IIS services
> stop responding. everything else seems to run fine. The Internet
> Service manager fails to load. The control panel shows that the
> services are still running. Clients can not connect to either the
> web
> server of the FTP server (not running gopher). Currently I am
> totally
> confused. Does anyone have any idea where I might turn..
> Mike
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