Re: Auto Logon , Auto Dial

Joseph Covey ( (no email) )
Wed, 9 Jul 1997 01:56:50 -0500

Try using Tweak UI Power Toy


After you install Tweak UI, go to the Control Panel and you will find Tweak
UI Icon.
You will find the Auto-Login on the Network Tab.

Then if you need to Auto-Dial, put a shortcut to you dial-up networking
connection in you start-up menu. I'm not sure if there is any kind
auto-dial that runs as a service.

Hope this helps ;)

> From: Pacific Internet (Asia Network TPE1) <>
> To:;
> Subject: Auto Logon , Auto Dial
> Date: Wednesday, July 09, 1997 1:24 AM
> I am running a windows NT 4.0 single ISP.
> I installed the resource kit and set autologon. However whenever I power
> donw the PC I loose the autologon and again have to enter "ctrl,alt,del"
> and enter the password.
> Autologon will only work if the power stays on and I reset or reboot.
> But I need autologon for power failure.
> I also need Auto Dial, I set all the preferences in the dialer to auto
> but still I have to hit the "final" Dialing Command.
> Anybody running complete Autologon and autodial?
> Help is very much appreciated.
> Best regards
> Peter
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