Re: NT Routing/Bridging (was: Windows 95 Networking....)

Rick Kunze ( )
Tue, 08 Jul 1997 10:23:44 -0700

If you look at the online books regarding this, you'll see that it won't
work the way you have it. (As far as I know) The two subnets must be
different. That is, it can't be a single Class C that you've broken up
with masking. It must be two completely separate Class C's.


At 12:13 AM 7/8/97 -0600, you wrote:
>> I have several Win95 and NT boxes on an ethernet with an Ascend Pipeline
>> router to the outside world. All boxes can reach the outside. If you
>> trying to do this using NT as the router, it only works if you have 2
>> separate subnets (unlikely) as far as I know.
>My configuration is similar to the above - however, I'm trying to remove
>the pipeline from hearing local area traffic.... I've got two NIC's in an
>NT 4 box - one is hubbed with the LAN, the other with the router. I'm
>trying to get the cards to route to each other when neccessary (IP packets
>destined for out-of-LAN). So far, I can get the NT box to see both routes
>- (to the LAN & to the router) - but I can't get the LAN to see past the NT
>box. MS KB sez that for the packets to route, each NIC must be on a
>different subnet. I've done that (I think) but it doesn't appear to work.
>The NIC to the router is, on the lower quarter of a
> subnet. The NIC to the lan is - the second
>quarter. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a wiz at subnetting - all I know
>is that the first one I built for the WAN worked mysteriously....
>This basically trying to build the same type of configuration you'd have on
>a proxy server - two NIC's, one at the router, one at the LAN.
>Help, anyone?
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