Webmaster / Web Administrator

Marvin Anglin ( (no email) )
Sun, 6 Jul 1997 10:39:54 -0400

Not sure if we are to use this list for job postings. If not, forgive =
me this time.

Atlanta area (Marietta, GA) ISP looking for Web Master / Web =
Administrator. NT experience required. Also, must be able to work with =
customers in designing and implementing web pages using HTML, Front =
Page, ASP, etc. Programming background also a plus. Other duties =
include DNS, routers, terminal servers, mail servers (IMail), MS IIS, =
web security, etc. In other words, all aspects of an internet business.

If interested, please send resume and salary requirements to =
manglin@atlonline.com. Please do not reply through this list.

Marvin Anglin
Atlanta On-Line InterNet