NT4 SP2 crashes with a black screen

Jack Olszewski ( jacek@hermes.net.au )
Sun, 06 Jul 1997 16:49:35 +1000

Has anybody experienced a crash of an NT4 SP2 server the symptomps of
which are:
black screen,
complete lack of any reaction to keyboard and mouse,
qrlogind does not respond to any rlogin attempts from
another machine in the same lan.

After reboot, there is no sign of the crash in any logs, and the machine
is working okay as though nothing has happenned.

It happenned to me twice, the first time 3 weeks ago, and today - an hour

Perhaps somebody has had a similar experience, and might have advice as to
possible explanation/prevention.

Regards, Jack.

Jack Olszewski
ph/fax +61 47 574339
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