Re: Mail Management Program

James Corey ( )
Thu, 03 Jul 1997 00:02:04 -0400

Eudora Pro does multiple "personalities" with no logons needed.

At 18:13 07/02/97 -0000, you wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>I have several different email ids I use for a variety of reasons
>(personal, admin, etc.). What I would like to do is have all my email come
>to one place. No problem, just set the forward to switch in MailSite and
>I'm all set.
>Here is my problem. I went to respond to an email today and it bounced
>back saying so and so isn't a member of the mailing list. Okay, I
>understand what happened.
>Here is the question...Right now I am using (trying to anyway) Outlook to
>do all this management, but, the stupid program wants me to exit and come
>back in everytime I change the properties for email to another address so I
>can respond. Takes too long and is just not an option. Short of only
>using one email address (and resubscribing to all my lists) does anyone
>know of a way in outlook or an add on or another program that will let me
>do what I want. That is, get all my email in one place so I can read it
>all there and manage it from that program, but, at the same time, be able
>to respond using the email id I need to respond with?
>Thanks in advance. Had to go back to Microsoft Mail to write this one!
>I hope this question has a simple answer!
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