Care to write a RADIUS client for NT ?

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Tue, 1 Jul 1997 23:32:39 +0800


Since Dale told me that SteelHead's RADIUS client doesn't send enough
accounting info to RADIUSNT, I thought of writing the people of Microsoft
to do something about it.

And since so far, no one has responded to my plea, I decided to check how
RAS works and see how a RADIUS cleint can be "inserted" in the
authentication process.

I browsed MSDN and saw some documentation on how to do this. You simply
make a RADIUS client DLL and have NT's RAS invoke it.

Of course, Microsoft said that they have an API for SteelHead which might
have some functions already made for RADIUS, but I can't find this API or
SDK anywhere. Maybe someone can tell me where I can find it.

If not, is there someone out there who can write or port a RADIUS client (
a truly working one ) for NT ?

- Danny Sinang