What shall I let in ?

Darryl Harvey ( darryl@myemail.com.au )
Tue, 1 Jul 1997 23:55:23 +1000

I am in the midst of a major security overhaul and want to ask what TCP/UDP
ports you guys let into your system?

I only have limited services;
MAIL Ports 25,110
HTTP Ports 80, 90
FTP Ports 21
TELNET Port 23
PASSWORD Changing via control port (MAILSITE) Port 109 (I think)
News - What port is that on?
DNS - What shall I let in?
PING - What port ?? TCP/UDP ??
FINGER - What Port ?? TCP/UDP ??

That is about it. Anything else I should pass for standard services?

Your lists would be helpful, Also what TCP/UDP ports are "Standard to
allow" and what should I ban...

Any/all help appreciated.