Microsoft up?

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Hmm, I just got to

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Well, this problem seems like a tough one for them. Looks like the IBM
memories keep on hunting Microsoft. The NetBios was IBMs idea back in
the days and it was 100% endorsed by them. I don't even think they wrote
the damn thing. But they included in all of their software. (gotta
support IBM. Right???)
I would feel like crap if some old mistake kept on creeping up on be
again and again and IBM clearly has no idea about designing Computer
Networks. Look at TokenRing. What a fuckin joke. And now NetBios and
it's famous 139 port. HUHhhh!
I am most interested in seeing what marketing approach will Microsoft
take to handle this bug. Will they fire it back at IBM, for it is their
protocol? Dunno? Are you supposed to be held liable for the Drivers you
support in your Operating System?

This sounds like it has two edges.


ps:Best protection is to rename the Netbios driver to something else.

Matthew James Gering wrote:
> I almost mentioned something about this last night...
> Does anyone know what hit Microsoft? You can get to their border routers,
> but no further -- I've tried through all three of their connections (MCI,
> Sprint, UUNet). As far as I can tell, their dns, ftp, mail, www, etc. are
> all inaccessible -- since about 24:00 last night.
> Matt
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