Re: Microsoft Down

Matthew James Gering ( (no email) )
Mon, 30 Jun 1997 12:32:38 -0700

If that is the case then I have to say MOS is clueless (well, I already
know that, but I did not realize how bad). You do not just take your
primary dns down, and your web servers up and down at random w/o any dns
changes -- there is something to be said about fault taulerance and
reliability, even if you are doing "serious" upgrades.

I just about died last summer when USWest announced they were going to cut
power to MOS Data Center for the /weekend/ for upgrades of the power

> An acquaintance of mine received an email from Microsoft Developers
> last week saying they were doing a major hardware upgrade to their site
> I would have trouble getting on the site for two to three weeks. I assume
> that is your problem.