Re: Running off SCSI harddisk, adding an IDE

Michel Thiffault ( )
Sat, 28 Jun 1997 00:29:42 -0400


There is a trick to boot your NT system from the SCSI disk instead of
the IDE, even with an old BIOS. This works with the setup I'm using now
to write this email: Gigabyte motherboard, FX chipset, Award BIOS,
Pentium 150, 2 IDE drives, Adaptec 2940 and 1520 SCSI controllers, 3
SCSI drives (of which 2 are mirrored) and some SCSI goodies (tape,
scanner, Syquest, CD-ROM).

First, your SCSI host adapter BIOS must be enabled and your first SCSI
disk (id=0) must be bootable (MBR,, ntldr and boot.ini
correctly installed - more to come about boot.ini); this should be the
case if this disk was your system boot device disk before the
installation of the IDE drive.

Second, your BIOS setting must be set to NONE for the IDE drive. BE
won't even try to boot from IDE, but the IDE drive parameters will be
obtained directly from the drive itself by NT during the bootup process
from the SCSI disk.

Boot.ini: the rdisk number of the boot device should correspond to the
SCSI id of the system disk; do not count the IDE drive(s).

Hope this helps,


JvdWilk wrote:
> Hi,
> Tomorrow, during a maintenance shutdown, I'll be adding a large IDE
> harddrive to a WinNT system.
> Sofar this system has only run off SCSI harddrives. The boot device is
> also on the SCSI drives. That's the way I want it to be.
> Now I was wondering... what will the IDE drive do with to the system?
> Will it claim to be the first drive, and therefore force the system to
> boot from it? Will I need a work-around for this, or won't I see any
> problems, and will my present bootdrive stay the bootdrive?
> Anyone any ideas on this?
> Thanks,
> -Jurgen.-
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