default dependency service not loading

Ray Mosely ( )
Fri, 27 Jun 1997 22:48:48 -0500

For the experts on three different list (Herb, are you there?):

I tried to install DHCP services on a server today. It won't start up
because a
default dependency service is not loading.

Server-01 was 3.51 until today. Server-02 was 3.51, upgraded to 4.0
months ago.
Server-01 is PDC. Server-02 is BDC.
Server-01 has RAS, and is a gateway to a Cisco router. Server-02 is
nothing but a file server.

Server-01 was upgraded to NT 4.0 today. Then I installed DHCP services,
fail to start up because the default dependency server NTLMSSP does not
at boot.

Thinking that maybe an upgrade should occur with DHCP already loaded, I
re-loaded NT 4.0, and NTLMSSP still does not load. The ntlmspp.dll file
is there,
but there are no registry references to it.
I checked Control Panel Services on Server-01, and the service is not
I checked Control Panel Services on Server-02, and another server
off-site, and
NTLMSSP services are there. There are registriy references to ntlmssp.

Why would a default service not load?
How can I get this service to load so that DHCP will work?

Thanks -- Ray