RFC 812

Kurt A. Butzin, DDS ( kurt@molar.net )
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 18:07:44 -0400

Can anyone help me resolve the problem described below?

Your attempt to download Microsoft Software failed for the following

Your computer originates from an unverifiable physical Domain location. Due
to restrictions prohibiting export of 128 bit enabled software, the
physical location of your computer must be verifiable. U.S.-only IE 3.0 128
Questions and Answers addresses the most common questions you may have.


You should contact your system administrator to find out why the WHOIS
information for the Domain your computer uses is not in compliance with RFC

Here is the WHOIS information that was returned for your domain:

Molarnet Technologies Inc. (MOLAR2-DOM) 1936 Bay Street Saginaw, MI 48602
Domain Name: MOLAR.NET Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone
Contact: Butzin DDS, Kurt A (KAB8) kurt@MOLAR.NET 517 249-4638 (FAX) 517
792-9158 Billing Contact: Butzin DDS, Kurt A (KAB8) kurt@MOLAR.NET 517
249-4638 (FAX) 517 792-9158 Record last updated on 11-Feb-97. Record
created on 23-Aug-96. Database last updated on 26-Jun-97 05:43:41 EDT.
Domain servers in listed order: DNS.MOLAR.NET SEC1.DNS.PSI.NET SEC2.DNS.PSI.NET NS1.VERTEX.COM
InterNIC Registration Services Host contains ONLY Internet Information
(Networks, ASN's, Domains, and POC's). Please use the whois server at
nic.ddn.mil for MILNET Information.
Kurt A. Butzin, DDS
Molarnet Technologies, Inc. (An Internet Solutions Provider)