Re: auto switchers

Jeff Weiss ( )
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 13:25:42 -0400

At 07:54 AM 6/21/97 -0400, SMPnet wrote:
>Funny, I did not have that problem. Tested the theory with mine
>on NT boxes and it was not a problem. It might be that mine
>is newer.

That's bizarre. I just checked with Belkin to see if the design had changed
or if there was a firmware update. Their tech support said the box still
won't emulate mice on all 6 channels simultaneously, so if you are looking
at PC 1 and boot up PC 2, PC 2 will not detect the mouse. Note that once
the mouse is detected (during whatever mouse detection stage your
particular OS has), you can switch freely without losing the mouse.

I just find it irritating having to watch a stupid blue screen while NT
does it's hardware detect thing. I'd rather be working on another PC while
another booted.


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