Problem with loading ODBC component of ASP

Jim D. ( (no email) )
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 08:24:12 -0400

I'm trying to load the ASP components for IIS, but cannot get it to load =
the ODBC part. Whenever I select ODBC in the installation, it always =
stops at the point where it says it is loading the Server Driver files, =
it returns the error: "Not enough disk space on target drive while =
attempting to copy files. To continue, first free disk space on the =
target drive and then click OK."
The drive has over 400 MB of free space. The PC has both IIS 3.0 and =
SQL Server 6.5 loaded on it. I've restarted the server without SQL or =
IIS services running and tried loading it then, but it still didn't =
Any ideas?
Jim D.